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The EMDRIA Certification Process & Advanced Consultation Services

If you are a practicing clinician and want to become an EMDR Trained therapist, you will first need to enroll in an EMDR Basic Training program, such as the one I offer via the EMDR Center of Southern California (ECSC). You may register for my next cycle of EMDR Basic Training via:

If you have already completed an EMDR Basic Training, you are eligible to start gaining consultation hours toward becoming an EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) Certified EMDR Therapist. I am prepared and excited to assist you in achieving this next professional goal! For more information about EMDR consultation best practices, please download and read my latest co-authored article here.

I offer 60-min. individual consultations via phone, Zoom, and/or in my office.

EMDRIA certification is focused on achieving fidelity in the use of the EMDR Standard 8-phase Protocol, and I will help you step by step to solidify learning and application to your clinical cases in this regard. At the conclusion of our contracted consultations, I will write a letter to EMDRIA attesting to the learning that you have achieved while in consultation. Congratulations on your important decision to move forward with EMDRIA Certification!

Advanced EMDR consultation services are designed to assist you in complex cases and implementation of advanced EMDR protocols (e.g., Early Trauma Protocol, DeTur for addictions, Flash Technique, Inverted Protocol for use with Complex PTSD, Hypnotic Inductions for use with dissociative phobias, working within en EMDR Therapy framework with servely dissociative clients, etc.)

I am happy to consult with therapists on complex cases using advanced protocols at any point after their completion of EMDR Basic Training.

My Commitment to You

During EMDRIA Certification consultations, I will assist you to:

  • Assess clients for appropriateness to undertake EMDR therapy
  • Articulate EMDR case formulations utilizing: attachment theory, the theory of structural dissociation, and the Adapative Information Processing (AIP) model
  • Apply appropriate closure for incomplete sessions
  • Deal effectively with client "looping" and "stuck reprocessing"
  • Demonstrate creativity in the application of EMDR therapy while maintaining integrity of the Standard 3-pronged Protocol
  • Discern which clinical interweaves to use, and when
  • Fine tune Preparation, Stabilization and Resourcing techniques
  • Implement strategies for dealing effectively with dissociative symptoms and dissociative phobias
  • Maintain sensitivity to transference and countertransference issues
  • Utilize EMDR therapy in a comprehensive treatment plan

Consultation Fees

My consultation fee is $200./60-min. for individual meetings which can be held at my office or via I am flexible with regard to consultation scheduling and will work with your availability.

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