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Welcome to my Clinical Practice!

It can take a lot of courage and determination to make the first step toward getting into therapy--you are on your way to healing the concerns, issues or problems and/or symptoms that have been weighing on you! I am dedicated to providing high-quality services with a friendly and supportive professionalism. I welcome you to begin your path with me toward feeling even better about your daily life and yourself. My private practice specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociative disorders, and I assist children, adolescents and adults on their healing journey. I utilize attachment-focused psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, and EMDR as a means to help my clients achieve symptom relief and find a better quality of life.

There are links to the various information you may want to access after learning about my therapy practice, such as:

  • About my Clinical Practice which explains in basic terms the primary approaches that I utilize with my clients for symptom resolution and to find a better quality of life.
  • Getting Relief from Symptoms which gives and understanding of the process of personal growth through psychotherapy with me.
  • First Session Office Forms which allows clients to prepare paperwork needed before the first scheduled session.
  • EMDR Consultation Services (for mental health clinicians) which explains options and learning objectives for therapists seeking EMDRIA advanced designations in EMDR Therapy.

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