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Session Payment
There are a variety of options that clients have to pay for sessions. Clients may take care of session fees via cash, check, or credit card. Please discuss with me which payment option best fits your needs. Courtesy billing of PPO insurance is completed by me, and payment for therapy is expected at the time of service. When billed, PPO insurance reimburses clients according to their respective Plan Administrator's fee structure. 
**Standard Fee for Service structure for 2017 is as follows:

  • 45-min. session ($175.00)
  • 75-min. session ($292.00)
  • 90-min. session ($350.00)

**If there is current financial hardship, please discuss your situation with me, and a sliding fee scale for services may be appropriate. 

When using CalVCB (California Victim Compensation Board) benefits, clients may be required to pay a $25.00 copay which is reimbursed directly to the client from CalVCB.